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Punch i Judy |  foto: Piotr Chlipalski Punch i Judy | foto: Piotr Chlipalski

A3Theatre (Poland)

A3Theatre is a theatre of a variety of things, a dramatic panopticum, as the artists describe themselves. They do not use text, although it sometimes appears in their performances. They are not a dance theatre, but they combine movement with music. They are not mime artists, yet they glorify gesture, even the most minute one. They do not create linear stories. “Picking out pearls of absurd from reality”, ridicule, mockery and having fun, celebrating “minimal art of everyday life” are the company’s trademarks.  
The group follows the best experience of Cinema Theatre, draws inspiration from Tadeusz Kantor and the Stanislavsky method, from Nowosielski’s and Boltański’s paintings, from old sketches and prints, as well as modern design.

The artists of A3 Theatre transform everyday life with gesture, movement and dance, creating a code of rituals. They collect emotions, and easily identifiable characters. They observe reality, identify apparently simple events and gestures that take on a whole new meaning on stage to become a code of rituals.
They create lyrical stories, full of humour and distance toward the surrounding reality.
A3 Theatre creates different forms of dramatic expression – chamber performances with a focus on the art of acting, huge open-air spectacles, para-theatre actions and happenings.
The company presents their spectacles in theatres and at festivals, in Poland, in Europe and in Asia.
A3 Theatre was founded in 2007. The leader of the group is Darek Skibiński, who has been connected with Teatr Cinema for 20 years.
A3 is also a place of work for new generations of actors who take up and develop the A3’s original method of performing art i.e. minimal art that aims at the use of elementary, repetitive gestures and movement, just as minimalism does in visual art, particularly sculpture.
A3 Theatre is represented by the „Pocztówka” (Postcard) Association, an organiser of the WERTEP International Theatre Festival - a great theatre holiday in Podlasie.

...If you want to check whether what you see, or what you take part in makes sense, let it be judged by absurd and let absurd verify reality...

Edward Lear

Date and place of presentation

2 July, Rynek Nowego Miasta (New Town Square) - at 6 p.m., A3Theatre "Punch i Judy"

The origin of the spectacle:

Punch & Judy is a popular British puppet show that consists of a sequence of short scenes depicting dynamic interactions between the protagonists – Punch, who is prone to violence and his wife Judy. The show dates back to the 16th-century Italian commedia dell'arte. It is believed that Mr Punch first appeared as a character of the street puppet theatre in 1662 in London's Covent Garden, probably as a three-foot tall marionette. In 1785, or just before that, Punch became a puppet, and about the year1800 the tradition took on its final shape.

Punch & Judy are always the same; they resemble soap opera characters. They must always appear on the show, while other "personas " may or may not be there, depending on the decision of the creators of the show. There is no unified, correct version of Punch & Judy - the story unfolds as a sequence of events, the audience can join or leave at any time, and the whole show is improvised. There are some old scripts of Punch and Judy, but no respected artist does even think about staging them. If he or she did it, instead of developing his own interpretation of the oral tradition, the famous Punch drama would soon be a dead and archaic thing, rather than a theatrical form that is still relevant and has a huge potential for future development.

Punch & Judy is the Polish version of the British show about a pair of ever-quarrelling spouses. Punch is a frisky scamp while Judy is a screaming matron. They engage in a power struggle in the most banal situations of everyday life. The story takes on a momentum when the characters of Horse, Dog, Policeman and Doctor join the action.
Punch & Judy is a commedia dell'arte, acted out by three actors who play seven characters, dressed in colourful, caricature-scaled costumes. They shorten the distance between the actors and the audience; they both act and use puppets. Their jokes, mockery, and irony build a surprising interaction with the public. Direct contact with the audience, combined with music, dialogue and dynamic action engages the spectators (both children and adults) and encourages everybody to have fun.

From company materials:

The spectacle for the big ones and the little ones, performed in the halls, or in the streets. Everyone will find funny – for children it’ll be masks and stories, for adults comic situations and word play.

Director: Darek Skibiński
Costumes: Elena Stupa
Cast: Łukasz Skibiński, Stanislav Voitsekhovskyi, Olesia Voitsekhovska/Artur Żebrowski.
Jacek Hałas: music arrangement and singing, performing Polish texts, ‘off’ voices


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