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F.A.U.S.T. III | foto: Holger_Greiner F.A.U.S.T. III | foto: Holger_Greiner

Antagon TheaterAKTion (German)

Antagon TheaterAKTion – a German theatre company founded by Bernhard Bub in 1990 as an independent Theatre on Wheels. The company combines modern means of dramatic expression with searching for the forgotten roots of traditional theatre. Antagon created its own style, a mixture of political theatre, dance theatre and archaic images with the use of modern technology.
The artists say, “We activate the audiences’ senses with our voices and our bodies, with music, acrobatics and improvisation, by dancing on stilts, and playing with fire.”

In their performances the artists from Frankfurt try to present human search for the answers to the most important questions – about the essence of love, or about death. The continuous expression of this search through the dance, the singing, music, games and rituals is the Antagon’s creative approach. Omar Valino’s words best express the company’s artistic credo: “The Theatre is not violence, it is erosion. It likes to abrade the moulds of society. In contrast to a hurricane, it is rather like water or the wind, which form the ever changing face of the Earth in nearly imperceptible ways.”
The group cooperates with the artists from the whole world, the cast is international, with artists from France, Holland, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Romania, or Germany.

Energy is there, where people come together with their strengths and weaknesses. That is a long process that differs greatly from the short-of-breath atmosphere that characterizes our current societal situation, and it cannot be won with money or deals. In the organic theater, if it is about the honest and direct relationship to life, the human being stands in the center as the most important aspect.

/Bernhard Bub, the Artistic Director/

Date and place of presentation

2 July, Park Agrykola, at 10 p.m., Antagon TheaterAKTion "F.A.U.S.T. III"

F.A.U.S.T. III – a modern, social, critical interpretation of Goethe’s Faust; a huge open-air spectacle. Starting with the classic work by a great playwright, the artists of Antagon raise anew the problems of morality, they pose questions about the limits of fulfilling one’s needs, they wonder what is more important: money or humanity, profit or happiness shared with others, a ruthless rat race or being open to another person? The company questions the “values” pervasive in our de-humanised world, they call for harmony, in which people are together and can share love and wealth.
This performance is built on different stages and mobile constructions, among and around the audience, on stilts and in the air above the audience. The traditional text and dramatic dialogues have been replaced with the non-verbal language of the live, expressive physical theatre and modern dance. Thanks to the modern means of expression the classical text, which we all know (though hardly anyone has actually read) becomes emotionally close and can be understood by every spectator, regardless of age.
The spectacle was first presented in Frankfurt am Main at the Sommerwerft 2013 International Theatre Festival, in the shadow of the European Central Bank.


The actors from Frankfurt have almost completely resigned from boring monologues and dialogues and have replaced them with expressive dance and dynamic acting, including staged fighting. The spectacle, performed in darkness, in the park, is impressive.
Yvonne Hinz, Westfalenpost, 24 August 2016

Director: Bernhard Bub
Lighting: Joscha Erker with the technical team
Cast: Amanda Jane Akran, Ole Bechtold, Julian Böhme, Barbara Carvalho da Fonseca, Claudionor Cavalcante Machado Junior, Luisa de Araujo Carvalho Caria, Annemike Döring, Clara Garcia Espada, Camila Hernandez Cortes, Gediminas Jurgelevicius, Nele Klemann, Leoni Nachbauer, Lucas Pinto Tanajura, Pedro Pinto Tanajura, Jana Thomaschütz, Ruben Wielsch.
Technical team: Joscha Erker (Technical Director), Wolfgang Feige, Jan Schallmo.

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