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Teatr Klinika Lalek (Poland)

Teatr Klinika Lalek was founded in 1988 at the Puppetry Department of Wrocław Theatre School. While they were still students they produced four performances, including two open-air spectacles. At that time the artists created their manifesto called Med-Art that was followed up with happenings and expressed a desire to cure the art. In 1991 the company moved to Wolimierz, a small village in Pogórze Izerskie. Since then the company has been a village wandering puppet theatre. As the company moved to Wolimierz, the core of the theatre was created and the same people lead the group today: Joanna Jemiołka Wiktorczyk and Krzysztof Wiktor Wiktorczyk.
In 1991 the members of the theatre founded the Foundation to Support Alternative and Ecological Cultures, whose main aim is endorsing ecological activities, promoting art, as well as initiating and coordinating ecological actions in the village of Wolimierz. Besides, the Foundation supports Teatr Klinika Lalek.
Since 1993 the seat of the theatre has been a former railway station re-named to „Station-Wolimierz”, where in time the artists transformed dilapidated rooms into a puppet workshop, a gallery, a cafe, guest rooms, space for art and music workshops, and theatre room with a technically advanced stage. An old railway platform in front of the building was transformed into an open-air stage.
Klinika Lalek puts on performances in buildings, produces splendid street parades, huge open-air spectacles, visual arts actions, workshops and performances for children.

In their work the actor and the puppet coexist and together create characters. The visual sphere of the theatre is defined by characteristic huge puppets animated from within, inspired by the puppets of Bread and Puppet Theatre, wooden masks, gigantic moving machine-vehicles (a bicycle and an engine), various installations, flags and fire. The musical sphere consists of live music. The theatre has its own orchestra - Orkiestra Teatru Klinika Lalek and cooperates with Włodzimierz Kiniorski’s band - Kinior Sky Orchestra from Kielce.
In Klinika Lalek the production process is based on a team creation method - the members of the company participate in all the stages of preparing a performance. The theatre performs in streets and squares of different cities, towns and villages across Europe. The artists have visited Finland, France, Spain, Romania, Germany, Austria and other countries. In Wolimierz Klinika Lalek created an art and culture centre that carries out various artistic, cultural and educational projects. In summer months the company organises international art festivals of theatre, visual arts, film and music. On a local level, Klinika Lalek organises regular events connected with the seasons and various holidays.

Date and place of presentation

25 June, Stacja Metra Słodowiec, at 9 p.m., Teatr Klinika Lalek "Anielicje"

Anielicje (Angelice) is an unusual visualisation of a story about a split between what is earthly and material versus what we desire but cannot touch. Angelice is the name of Angel Police, created for the purposes of the performance. It takes on a form of seven huge angel-puppets. The Angelice fulfils people’s dreams. Thanks to them, the protagonist – a man – has a chance to fly into the skies and get into the world of Angels. Sentenced to coexistence with angelic creatures the man realises that Paradise is “here” and “now”. The theme of the performance is a verse by Jacek Bieleński with music by Włodek Kiniorski:

Masz do skrzydeł przywiązaną złotą rybę.
Gdy odfruniesz, serce jej przestanie bić.
Słuchaj, ptaku, w klatce nie jest ci najgorzej.
Źle jest wtedy, kiedy nie chce się już żyć.

Premiere - Bremen Theatre Festival (Germany), September 2001
Script writers and directors: Wiktor Wiktorczyk and Darek Lech
Music: Włodek Kiniorski
Set design: Iza Pachulska
Cast: Darek Lech, Wiktor Wiktorczyk, Jemiołka, Jola Walter, Adrian Zajączek, Łukasz Runge, Andrzej Kępiński, Artur Grochowiecki, Karol Pachulski.


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