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Ondadurto Teatro (Italy)

Ondadurto Teatro is one of the best-known Italian street theatre groups. It was founded in 2004 and is based in Rome. The founders were Lorenzo Pasquali and Marco Paciotti. Ondadurto’s distinguishing characteristic is the special role of sets, which are not just a decoration, but live elements of the performance. The set is built as the spectators watch. The actors operate complicated machinery that takes on changing forms and fulfils different roles. The artists present their spectacles mainly in the open-air, but they also perform in buildings. The company always takes into account the specific place where they perform and they use the specific features of this place.
The most important elements of their artistic creation are gestures, acrobatics, and dance combined with impressive theatre techniques, fireworks, video and live music. The performances of Ondadurto combine expressive language with poetry and irony, they refer both to the tradition (e.g. commedia dell’arte) and the contemporary art (e.g. modern cinema).

The company has taken part in many European theatre festivals, including Festival d'Avignon OFF in France, Linzer Pflasterspektakel in Austria, Malta Festival in Poznań, Esteta Romana in Rome, Marató de l’Espectacle Festival in Barcelona, the International Street Theatre Festival Szárnyas Sárkány Hete in Nyírbátor in Hungary.

Every year Ondadurto Teatro organises inEURoff Festival and Officina Ondadurto project – socially engaged theatre workshops (e.g. in 2011 with the Roma community). The company also creates spectacles for children. The director of the theatre is Marco Paciotti.

Date and place of presentation

30 June, Park Szczęśliwicki, at 10 p.m., Ondadurto Teatro "C'era una volta"

1 July, Park Szczęśliwicki, at 10 p.m., Ondadurto Teatro "C'era una volta"

C'era una volta is much more than a story about princesses and heroes. It is a spectacle, in which the artists take traditional motifs from classic fairy tales and interpret them anew, looking at them from unexpected perspectives, and giving them new meanings. It is a completely modern performance that shuffles old traditions, discarding their “luscious taste” and benign message.
The spectacle focuses on the unknown threads of popular fairy tale plots, mixing up stories with legends, from the Grimm Brothers to the books by Lewis Carroll, from Johann Karl August Musäus to Hans Christian Andersen.
Everything is re-read in the “Noire” atmosphere, infused with the “sweet-and-sour” aroma. Fairy tale imagination, so warm and beautiful in our childhood memories, becomes dark and grim, while the traditional distinction between good and evil dissolves. Little Red Riding Hood seems to have a dark side, and the Snow White is hiding something that reveals her not-so-white nature…
But, frankly speaking, why couldn’t we imagine fair, melancholic witches and step mothers?

C'era una volta is a colourful, sweet revue – an interdisciplinary work, in which artistic acrobatics, fascinating mobile platforms and spectacular lighting effects, combined with suggestive video images, give the audience unique experience.

Co-production: Mirabilia Festival (M.I.C.P.A.F) – Italy,  FiraTàrrega – Catalonia/Spain
Artistic idea: Marco Paciotti, Cristian Paraskevas, Lorenzo Pasquali
Director: Marco Paciotti
Assistant Director: Roberto Andolfi
Machinery and Objects: Lorenzo Pasquali, Massimo Carsetti
Costumes: Claudia Tortora
Light: Costel Iulian Prodran
Cast: 8 actors/actresses from Ondadurto Teatro


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