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Teatr Snów (Poland)

Teatr Snów was founded in 1986 in Gdańsk and has become a classic of Polish street theatre. Its unique poetic style is widely recognised. The theatre uses metaphors in narrating simple stories taken from everyday life. The company works on their performances far from the hustle and bustle of a big city, in Sominy on the shore of Lake Dywan in Kaszuby region. The theatre has produced several open air spectacles and a few traditional theatre performances. The most important are: Pokusa i Gry - maski (1987), W drodze do raju (1988), Czarodziejski Ptak, Republika marzeń i Sanatorium (1989), Powrót (1990), Podróże (1991), Wizyta (1993), Ogród (1995), Księga utopii (1999), Żuraw i Rejs (2000), Szafarz (2002), Pokój (2005), Pracownia (2006), Stół (2007), Imitacje (2008), Remus (2009), Ulro (2011), Pielgrzymka (2012), Rudymenty (2014), Wyspa (2017).

The company has presented their spectacles at many prestigious festivals, including those in Avignon, Marseille, Lausanne, Edinburgh, Ghent, Seville, Arkhangelsk and in Copenhagen. They have also performed in many other cities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Romania, Moldova, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine.
The theatre received many awards: at Łódź Theatre Encounters, Piła International Theatre Initiatives Fair, and Zderzenia Teatralne in Kłodzko. They were also awarded by the Voivode of Gdańsk for the creative continuation of alternative theatre traditions on the Coast in 1994.

Zdzisław Górski, the artistic director of the theatre, received in 1993 Jan Dorman Prize awarded by the Polish Centre of ASSITEJ (International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People). In 1993 he also received the Teacher of the Year title, awarded by the Executive Board of Theatre Culture Society and in 1999 he was awarded with the Prize of the City of Gdańsk in Art and Culture for exceptional achievements.

Date and place of presentation

1 July, Rynek Nowego Miasta, at 9 p.m., Teatr Snów "Wyspa"

The Island (Wyspa) –  is a poetic spectacle based on The Tempest by William Shakespeare.
Prospero, deprived of power by his brother, escapes with his daughter to a lonely island. He takes some books with him and studies them to learn white magic. Thanks to this magic, Prospero changes the Island, filling it with sounds, colours, and events. He decorates it to his taste.
But will it become his Island of Happiness?
Ariel and other spirits obey Prospero and help him with his magic. It is Ariel, who brings about the catastrophe of the ship carrying Prospero’s brother. The Tempest breaks the ship near the Island and Prospero has the opportunity to meet the passengers.
After the ‘show’, after the Tempest, Prospero gives up his magic and, with fragile hope, returns to the world he had to leave. It will probably not be better, but it is his place after all. It is our place.

Premiere: June 2017
Script writer, set designer, director: Zdzisław Górski
Music: collage
Cast: Zdzisław Górski, Marcelina Lewandowska, Katarzyna Michna, Grzegorz Poczekała, Monika Prądzyńska, Monika Roguszczak, Roksana Wiczk.


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